Change in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world has never been so intense
and real until now, bringing it with disruption to every single norm in our lives. Rather than being unconsciously carried down the meandering river of this change, I am learning to accompany these natural movements and participate in them more consciously by continually answering these two  fundamental questions:

“Who am I truly?”
“What do I really want?”

Using Professor Dr Franz Ruppert’s Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy (IOPT), I have been focusing experiential work on myself and contributing to the experiential trauma work on others. This has enabled me to recognise my survival strategies over my life, what triggered them and to face the reality of my trauma biography – the ‘black holes’ in my history, bringing my trauma feelings into conscious awareness and strengthening my healthy psyche.

As I continue to facilitate my identity shifts through this work, I will be integrating this new dimension with an occupational lens into my transformational leadership practice – coaching and facilitating individuals and teams create opportunities to bring their full occupational self(s) to life.

What does it mean to bring their full occupational self(s) to life? It means:

  • To be in flow with coming into better, more loving contact with their true self(s)
  • To be in flow with engaging in practical and purposeful roles & activities with a clear
    sense of identity
  • To be in flow with establishing constructive and satisfying relationships

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