Jen Gash established OTcoach in 2005. She had just trained as a coach and immediately knew that she wanted to coach OT’s

“I had many great OT friends who lack confidence to achieve their full potential and I wanted to help. I experienced burnout at an early stage in my OT life and knew that is was also the case for many other OT’s.  OT’s are amazing people – fun, creative, caring and always the “go to” person in the office. It was time for someone to step up and help them for a change, instead of them always helping others!

Jen has since coached hundreds of OT’s and shortly after starting OTCoach it became clear that the OT approach would help clients and patients, so she started to teach OT’s to coach and explore how the two might be integrated.

Today Jen has an extended network of OT’s who also coach and welcomes them into OTCoach as “trusted friends”. 

“This thing is bigger than me and all over the world, in healthcare and other OT arenas, the importance of coaching is being recognised – its time for OTCoach to become a Community of Practice for OTs – a place where OTs can come for support, coaching and inspiration to help them achieve their potential whilst helping the world”

At OTCoach we aspire to support the Occupational Therapy profession as it moves through these changing times. We believe, with passion, that the time is now here, for the unique benefits OT holds to be recognised and valued in the world.

You can read more about Jen’s painting, writing and work outside of occupational therapy here

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