Business Development for OTs

There are so many ways OTs could use their skills and knowledge in the world. Whether you want to start a traditional OT business or develop a project or enterprise in an emerging field, getting some help is vital. 

Ideas excite us at OTCoach. We love the creativity in OT, the amazing ideas and passion OTs have so let your creativity run wild and just ponder for a moment how an OT approach might help the following changes that are taking place in the world… 

  • Changing work patterns, predicted years ago, are already taking hold 
  • Greater leisure time, but some are working harder than ever before.   
  • Housing – more communal living as land & property become more scarce & costly? A continued need for accessible housing 
  • Information and technology: people are more informed & have different views about managing their health  
  • Current predictions indicate an aging population with multiple LT conditions 
  • There is an epidemic of mental health problems across the age spectrum 
  • Neuro-diversity – perhaps it will become understood as the norm in the future? 
  • Cycling, walking, baking, growing, making… an explosion in meaning making, purpose & connection 

OTs can do something with all of those things, can’t we! 

If you have an idea but don’t know where to start, take a look at “Selling OT: from OT idea to Value Proposition”. Understanding “value” is the first stage to starting a business or project! 

The thing to do is to experiment with the idea. Talk to friends, family and colleagues but choose wisely and brace yourself for feedback…and it’s all just feedback! Don’t start paying out for expensive websites, logos, stationary – you can do it for free/cheaply using free website builders such as Weebly or Wix and get tasks completed for a low cost on Fivver or Five SquidsCanva is another easy to use, free tool to make your own graphics such as web banners etc. 

As you develop and test the idea, search widely for help. Here are some stories, resources, links and people who could help:

inclusion meMatthew Box established his OT company “Inclusion Me” in 2009 after working as an OT in Kent Social Services. Today, 9 years later, his company has over 40 associates and clients have included: ZSL, Selfridges, Nike and numerous Local Authorities including The City Of London, Thurrock & Hammersmith & Fulham alongside various large scale building contractors.

Kate SheehanI am passionate about promoting and supporting our profession and offer both clinical and business support to individuals and local authorities… Kate Sheehan OT’S DOING IT DIFFERENTLY: KATE SHEEHAN

Occupational TherapistWith over 35 years’ experience as an occupational therapist, Linda has been a clinician, operational manager, occupational therapy lead and director for AHPs. 
Linda Agnew

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