Coaching by OTs, Coaching for OTs

"Listening to what's important, asking what needs to be asked, enabling positive change"

These are exciting times for Occupational Therapists. OT is the only profession that looks at someone’s life, in its entirety, understand what it means to be human, and help people do the things that really matter to them.  We help people function as the best human being possible, engage positively with their family and contribute to their community in whatever way they want to. We really understand the true nature of adaptation – something that is sorely needed in today’s changing world.

Coaching is the missing link to helping people make positive, occupational change.  Coaching strengthens our work with patients and service users and also helps OTs make personal and professional changes.

“Today, following a brief conversation with a service user, we managed to move from the terrible headache he experienced all day every day, to how brilliant his life is at the moment, apparently the best it has ever been”  

 “The coaching has given me confidence. My uncertainty about the future has gone and I have clarity of vision”   

Now is the time for OTs to shine!

What we do:

  • Enable OTs to use coaching to enable positive occupational change in their OT work, through  coaching skills workshops, online courses & resources. 
  • Provide personal & professional coaching for OTs 
  • Inspire OTs to work differently,  promoting  transformational change, in all areas of society

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