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  1. Thanks Jen, I enjoyed reading this (& the rest of your website) having stumbled across it after reading the recent article on occupational performance coaching among mothers with children with CP. I was looking to find out more about coaching in OT.
    I’m at an interesting point in my life as I’m about to take medical retirement from my job, but what does this mean for me – I can’t stop being an OT, it’s in my DNA! Your articles have helped me to reflect on what happens next for me (I.e. coaching myself) and where I can continue to use an occupational/coaching approach in my other roles and relationships, such as voluntary work, creative pursuits, accompanying people in their spiritual (Christian) walk, family relationships, etc.
    I will pop back and read more. For now I need to get out and get some exercise, as I had planned to do this morning (after reading what you’ve said about not sabotaging our own plans!)

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