“I qualified in Glasgow and in 2004 thought I had done my dash with OT, after nearly 10 years.  I was and am still in New Zealand.  I loved OT and it meant so much, so before giving away my Profession I felt I needed to be sure it was OT that was not working for me.  I saw an ad in the local paper about adult education classes and attended night school for 4 weeks.  The class was called Coaching for Change – Life Balance and Goal Setting Workshop.  I was hooked.
Since then I trained as a Results Coach in 2005 & 2006, Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching in 2010 and a Muse Group Leader, ARTbundance Coach & Practitioner (Creativity Coaching) 2012, currently I am doing a Post Grad Diploma in Narrative Therapy and training to a Master Coach for Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching.
I continued in OT and changed jobs to align more with my values and who I was.  I found myself in community rehab and here flourished.  I was and am still a Supervisor and used the coaching approach in everything I did and do.  What I realised what that I was not so balanced in terms of having fun, leisure time, socially, definitely not being creative in any way.  Coaching always seeks to explore what matters to you, believes in you.  I started to see some real changes in my practice and supervision.  I loved what was happening and wanted more.
Over the years I listened more to my passions, well discovered them really and started to follow what gave me pleasure, fun, joy.  Relationships all around developed for the better.  I was more daring and accepted opportunities that I may not have done before.  I slowly reduced my OT hours so that I could explore more with coaching.  This year I am 50 and feel as if I am just starting out and feel excited about where I am heading.
I now work for a few hours with the YWCA facilitating a girls group 11 – 13 year olds to increase self esteem, confidence, positive body image, communication etc creatively.  This was not even on the agenda in January of this year.  I love it.  I am studying counselling so I can use that, OT and creativity coaching to work with people who have disordered eating and/or eating difficulties, not working for the DHB but as a counsellor and I know I can use all of what I know.  I am also developing on line coaching packages to be launched in February 2013 and have 4 coaching packages that are being developed now in different aspects that involve group and one to one coaching.    I want to facilitate creative workshops for OT’s to utilize their creativity in practice, left and right brain working together.
Life is amazing and although I have finished working clinically as an OT in June of this year to study.  I loved my OT practice so much more when I did coaching.  I really encourage you to give coaching a go, whether you experience it or take Jen’s course.  I promise you will never be the same, it is so synonymous with OT and such an enabling approach for clients, peers, anyone.  Enjoy.  lizgow.lifecoach@vodafone.co.nz