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Time to change our professions narrative – lets have a new story

One of my jobs as a coach is to help people spot their long standing, personal narratives and work to change the often unhelpful stories we tell about ourselves and hopefully create new ones. However, on this occasion,  I am talking about the narrative our beloved profession of occupational therapy. From the first day I stepped into OT colleges in the mid 1990’s, I heard it.  I’ve heard it for the last 25 years and I heard it when working…

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Coaching Occupational Choices: from “I” to “We”

I made this video yesterday and immediately doubted whether I should post it or not, but these are issues I feel very strongly about. Whilst we are a profession with our roots in healthcare and the medical model and a profession which values independence and personal choice, we and our clients operate in a much wider world. This world is interconnected, global, interdependent and our occupational choices impact way beyond our immediate world. Enjoy and if you hate it, feel…

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and a little self care

Using Questions to Unblock and… a little self care

  Using questions to unblock In the course of writing the ecourse, Coaching Skills for OTs,  I revisited a document I produced a few years ago.  It came from asking OTs what the commonly heard reasons patients give for not moving forward or not putting plans in place: namely what they struggled with. Commonly given answers included: “I don’t have the energy” “There are too many risks” “Its too painful” and many more I often take statements that I hear, be it…

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Professionalism and Fear: feeling like an OT more than ever

Professionalism and Fear: feeling like an OT more than ever I was inspired to write this posting after I coached an OT this morning, who I have been working with since January this year. She is a fabulous OT who I thoroughly enjoy working with, and we had more of a mentoring session today, rather than a coaching session.  As ever, I always learn about myself and my process when I work with others – that’s one reason why coaching…

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