The ICF has a great blog resource and whilst is doesn’t have a health coaching category, I found this interesting blog (and several others) under their research section!   I was immediately drawn to it for obvious reasons: Such a big, sexy title “Narrative Healing, Salutogenesis and the Wellness Paradigm” and there are many resonant factors with OT: we constantly engage with our clients narrative and how occupational meaning is constructed through narratives; salutogenesis literally means the creation of health and ofcourse we understand how occupational engagement can create health.

Within this blog, the coach and author Dr Joel Kreisberg, cites the work of Antonovsky andhis Sense of Coherence model (he hasn’t referenced this clearly but alludes to it being in Antonovsky’s publication entitled “Unraveling the Mystery of Health: How people manage stress and stay well”).

It’s this Sense of Coherence model which interests me particularly (yes I am a theory geek, but you must know that by now?). The SOC model includes three primary areas offocus in relation to a person’s healing journey and outcome:

  • Comprehensibility – theextent to which both internal, or psychological, stimuli andexternal, or environmental, stimuli make sense.
  • Manageability – the extent to which available resources are adequate.
  • Meaningfulness – the extent to which challenging events are seen as worthy of being engaged emotionally

It is the impact that coaching has on these three areas which is worth considering at great length;   the way that stressors can be interpreted or re-framed differently, as to aid learning or perhaps a call to participation; the way that coaching conversations enable us to identify and mobilize our resources or seek out new ones; the way that coaching raises our self awareness and helps us to create new meaning from challenging life events; theway that coaching can aid the process of acceptance and commitment, both required during health challenges.

Anyway, go take a look at the full article, its not that long!  And probably take a look at Antonovsky’s original piece too!  I just wanted to whet your appetite and remind you of thegoodies already in circulation in the internetasphere, that we can look to for inspiration andguidance when thinking about coaching and health and OT. Adios x