Coaching Skills for Occupational Therapists 

North Bristol/South Glos

Friday 19th May 2017

Investment: £125 (early bird £99 until 31st March)

Price includes light lunch and refreshments and access to online course

Coaching is a powerful approach to working with individuals and groups. It enables people to work towards what they want rather than what they don’t want. It is becoming recognized as the “missing link” in helping people to change health beliefs, raise self efficacy and develop sustainable plans.

This day is aimed at Occupational Therapists who want to explore coaching and consider using it as part of their professional “tool kit”. It aims to provide some practical tools, hands-on practice and personal experience of coaching. It will show how coaching not only benefits our clients, but also supports our own personal and business development.

Workshop outcomes

At the end of the day, participants will have:

  • Identified and understood the fundamental processes involved in coaching including opportunity to practice some coaching tools, and have experience of being coached
  • Explored the relationship between coaching and OT
  • Understood the barriers to coaching
  • Explored possible applications of coaching and integrating coaching and OT

This is a practical day – come and be inspired!

Here’s what previous attendees said about other workshops:

“Very good course. Thought provoking, informing and well presented.”

“Huge benefits – great to meet other OT’s who are intrigued by coaching… lots of material… food for thought”

Come and see how coaching can enhance your practice.

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Ready…Fire…Aim (Creative Business Planning)


Includes light lunch and refreshments and access to online course and ebook

Warning: this workshop could seriously improve your working life

Whether you are already in business, thinking about it or thinking about giving it up, come along to this great workshop.   Its been in the melting pot for some time and is essential for building a  sustainable business with a happy OT at the heart of it.

We can approach business planning from our left brain (necessary for all the admin systems, accounting, legal issues, insurance etc) but its not often our right brain gets a chance to speak (creativity, passion, ideas etc). We also don’t give much time to exploring our values, beliefs and interests to make sure that the business we run or want to run, doesn’t end up like the situation we want to avoid.

We work with so many OTs that are tempted to start a business or social enterprise or go into independent practice but get quite scared when they look at whats needed (left brain).  Yes, look before you leap, but ensure you know what your passion is.  Ideally, you need to act in accordance with your passion, skills and uniqueness alongside good left brain planning and you won’t go wrong.

So this workshop helps you get very clear on the end result you want, understand your values, interests, passions and  natural strengths, to make sure you move towards this, not just away from something else!  It will help you develop resilience and awareness to ensure you can sustain the passion that keeps a business going.

It will combine techniques to access the right brain (creative activities, visualisation etc) aswell as more left brain coaching techniques. It will kicks start your business in a way which have results far beyond the day.

You have little to lose by coming along and much to gain:)

‘All OT’s should go on this course!  Jen is a creative coach who gives you clear and straight forward pointers to help you be confident in following your own career path. Whether you are left brained or right brained you will do nothing but gain from using the strategies and guidance that Jen provides.’

Anthea Cooper.     Independent Children’s Occupational Therapist

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