How often do you get a whole day, completely dedicated to you? Map and compass

How would it be to have a whole day with Jen, using coaching and a combination of visioning and planning techniques, to really push forward your idea or the change you desire?

Sounds like a luxury? Not really – it’s really important to give your vision space, time and support to grow otherwise it can take so long to get going and sometimes stays just a pipe dream.

In this intensive but nurturing day, you will come away with:

– clarity around your idea, be if for a product, project or enterprise

– confidence in its value and potential and your ability to make it happen!

– strong connection to the idea ensuring a snug fit with the “real you”

– clear strategy for moving forward and “doable” action steps

– working with an OT who really gets what you want to do:)

What happens on the day, Jen?

If you come to Bristol, we get to meet around 9.30 and plan the day according to what you really want and how you best work.  Your preferences and needs guide the day, but its likely that we will do a combination of coaching, visioning, planning during the day, with plenty of breaks and time to meet my chickens. Cake is likely and music.

We finish around 4.30pm and by that time you will have a strong values based, emergent action plan, which plays to your strengths and passions and the means to keep it going….so exciting:)    The cost for the day is £495 which includes everything.

If we meet elsewhere, the day will be similar, I just need to add on some travel costs and somewhere we can work from and of course you won’t get to meet my chickens 🙁

So what are you waiting for?  I just can’t wait to hear about your ideas and plans!  Call or email me,  to book a date.

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